Classic Video Game List


Mar 29, 2010

As far back as I can remember I have always spent a lot of my free time, especially during the winter, playing video and computer games. It all started with the Atari 2600 we had when I was in grade school and has continued up to the present time with my new self built gaming PC.

The following is a list of games I have collected over the years. Anything with a 4 rating is worth buying and anything with a 5 rating is a classic in my book.

Atari 2600

Everybody had one of these systems when I was in grade school. I eventually took mine apart and never quite got it back together but I had lots of fun playing games on that system during the early years. Post college I looked into the technical specs of the system and discovered it was quite feasible to build your own cartridges (easy at least for an electrical engineer with embedded controls experience). I built my own multi-cart which works rather well with the 2600 I bought off eBay.

Personal Collection

 Beserk (2 copies)
 5Snap!, one of the first Atari games I played over at my cousin Pat''s house before my parents bought us a 2600.
 Combat 5Everybody played this as it came with the system. I still remember one of my cousins tricking me into playing the "one big plane versus three little planes" as the big plane and saying it was fair. I also remember either Sam or Andy Ennis torching me on the bouncing shot tank games.
 Defender 4A classic but this game got too hard too fast to be really fun.
 E.T. The Extraterrestrial
 2Complete garbage of a game. I think this was Atari's first over priced flop. The only reason I have it is because it came with the system I bought of eBay,


 Title Rating
 Adventure 5Great game. I remember borrowing this from Sam and Andy.
 Atlantis 4 Fun but simple game like lots of the 2600 cartridges.
 Battlezone 5 A tank simulator game I played the hell out of.
 Dodge 'Em
 4 I remember borrowing this from Aron M. and thinking it was impossibly hard. Then when I gave it back to Aron I watched him burn through the first several levels without crashing once. I never was very good at this game.
 Donkey Kong
 4 I remember being really let down the first time I played this game on Atari because it wasn't the same as the arcade version (I was kinda clueless). Still fun though.
 Eggomania 3 Another paddle game I played occasionally.
 Frogger 5 All time classic. Getting this game was an event for us kids back them. One of the few Atari games I still like playing.
 Gorf 4 Neat shooter that had lots of different types of levels.
 Homerun 4 I remember Pat K. Jr. playing this game alot.
 Keystone Capers
 3 Was fun for awhile chasing after that masked robber.
 Pacman 3 See Donkey Kong.
 Pitfall 5One of the best games for the 2600. I remember playing this in Pat Jr.'s room for hours during family get togethers.
 Pole Position
 5 The token racing game for the system that I liked (seems like I always have one racing game per system I end up playing a lot).
 Riddle of the Sphinx
 4 The one thing I liked about this game was that you could play it a long time. Most other Atari games if you were not very good at them the game would be over within seconds. This one you could play a long time.
 Space Invaders
 5The definition of a classic 2600 game.
 The Empire Strikes Back
 5We borrowed this one from Tom Lang. Great game but got frustrating because I don't think you can ever really "beat" the game. The imperial walkers just keep on coming.
 Venture 5 Another great adventure game.
 Warlords 4 One of the few paddle games I played a lot back in the day. The four player games where fun at parties.
 Yar's Revenge
 4 Neat shooter.
 Zaxxon 4 I liked this game I think, even though the graphics were not the arcade version quality.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES, the system that re-started home video gaming. Buy the time the NES appeared I, like everybody else, had gotten bored with the Atari 2600. I think one of the factors that contributed to this was that Atari stopped regulating the games that were coming out for their system which led to a lot of garbage games on the market.

My first introduction to the original 8-bit Nintendo was at the Mashak's house. Mike Mashak was my dad's fishing buddy and Sue Mashak was my mom's shopping pal so I spent lots of time paling around with their two sons, Cory and Aron. I think the Mashak's got the system for Christmas in either 1985 or 1986 and I was determined to have one of my own. I missed my opportunity to ask for one for Christmas because I had no idea they even existed until I played Super Mario at the Mashak's house (plus I thinnk it was also a lean year on the farm). I worked out that if I saved something like 65 cents per day starting in January I could buy a NES on my own by my birthday in May.

I actually manage to stay on track with my NES fund for all those months through my allowance and combing the family couch for spare change on a regular basis. When May rolled around I had the $100 to buy the system. My sister's mother-in-law worked at Walmart at the time and she offered to buy the system for me to get an additional 10% off (thanks Mary and Alar). I  think my parents were impressed at my persistence and threw in a console TV so I could play up in my room.

The NES and the big console TV were the prized center piece of my room for several years. The "mind-bend-do" as Pat's dad called it was also an ever present object at all my friend's slumber/birthday parties during middle school (i.e. the Schulz family green room and later, the upstairs addition). Eventually I sold my system to my aunt Cece (my cousin Brian wanted one). At the time I had moved on to the SNES and really didn't see any reason to keep the NES. One of these days I really should ask Brian if he still has it.

During college Pat S. (my roommate and childhood pal) said I could have his system as he no longer wanted it (and it was sorta broke). The cartridge header was worn out. It took several attempt of re-seating the cartridges to get them to work and some of the games would not work at all. I took the system apart, cleaned it, and installed a new 60 pin header. That refurbished NES is the one I currently have but it is probably due up for some more refurbishing. 

Personal Collection

 Bionic Commando
Great game play. I remember lots of fun nights at the Mashak brother's house playing this game. Aron, Cory and I were all good at different parts of the game and would take turns finishing different levels. The fun platform game with a great adventure story where you can't jump, who would have thought that would have worked so well.
 Blaster Master
 5One of the best action adventure games of all time. Great design and had great music that fit the game well. I still remember jumping through the roof when I beat the level 5 underwater crab boss the first time (thanks for the tip Abe, get there with full gun then blow it off the screen).
 Double Dribble
 5Classic game. I mainly remember getting beat over and over by Pat and Abe Schulz while playing this game.
 Dragon Warrior
 Duck Tales
 4Solid platform game. Not as good as the Mario brothers games but it had great playability.
 Flying Warriors
 Gradius 4 Up, Up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B A start.
 Gauntlet II
 Goonies II
 -Never really played this game but I remember really liking the looks of it in the strategy guide.
 Ikari Warriors
 3I loved this game in the arcade. The NES version was ok but frustrating. I think there was a huge cheat code you could enter so it was possible to play through.
 Kid Icarus
 5 Never played much but Pat S. loved it.
 Kung Fu
 Megaman 2
 5All the Megaman games were solid, fun games. My cousin Brian had all of these.
 Metal Gear
 5Great story and great item/character development. I remember puzzling through this came with the Mashak brothers.
 Metroid 5All time classic. Can never be replaced. My mom got this for me for Christmas which I found out by snooping through her closet. I successfully convinced her to let me "borrow" it for a sleep over at Pat's house right after thanksgiving with the promise I would give it back to her to lock up till Christmas. That weekend was pure gaming bliss.
 Mike Tyson's Punch Out
 5Never played this myself but it was a favorite of everybody else I knew who had a NES.
 Ninja Gaiden
 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
 4Good game which is surprising since it was based on a movie.The first time through I accidentally destroyed a dagger I needed to proceed past a certain level (Thanks to Abe S. as I would have never figured this out). That sucked.
 Rygar - 
 Snake Rattle N Roll
 Snake's Revenge
 Super Contra
 4Solid squeal  to the original Contra but was basically more of the same.
 Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt
 5Flagship game for the the platform. All time classic.
 Super Mario 2
 5I think I liked this more in the series than most people. The sand levels were always neat. Playing level with all the different characters with their different jump characteristics was really cool.
 Super Mario 3
 5I remember playing this at John and Charlene's house at a family get together one summer. After four straight hours glued to the basement TV John finally convinced me to come outside for some fresh air.
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I
 4Great game to play with a group of friends
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
 4Just like the original, great for a slumber party.
 The Three Stooges
 Top Gun
 4Only played this a few times. I think everybody played it way back when because the move was so big.
 Yo! Noid
 Yoshi - 
 Zelda I The Legend of Zelda
 5Probably my favorite game for the NES. Great design, story and music. I was thinking about buying multiple copies of this cartridge in case my original breaks.
 Zelda II Adventure of Link
 5Great sequel which was an impressive accomplishment given the quality of the original. I still remember my "experience loop" on the first continent.


 1942 5 One of the first games I had for the NES. Still really like it.
 1943 4 Solid sequel to 1942.
 Battletoads -Never played as a kid but I heard it was pretty good (but hard).
 Bubble Bobble
 -Never played, heard it was good.
 Contra 5I still remember staying up with Dave K. at Pat's slumber party and beating this game for the first time.
 Ikari Warriors II
 3A just ok sequel to an average game but would like to get a copy since I had one in high school.
 Final Fantasy
 - Never played this as a kid but I really liked the sequels on the SNES.
 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
 - Never played this series as a kid but I heard it was really good.
 Commando 1The first NES game I ever played that I thought was bad. Only want it because I used to have a copy way back when.
 Double Dragon
 5 The original beat em up game for the NES. Another great one for slumber parties.
 Dragon Warrior II
 Dragon Warrior III
 Dragon Warrior IV
 -Never played this series but I heard they were really good.
 Excitebike 4Never played alot but I really liked the build your own track option.
 Ghost 'n Goblins
 4I remember when I first played this game I thought it was impossibly hard but I eventually finished it without dying once. It was a big let down that the pay off was you get to play it all over again on "hard" mode.
 Hogan's Alley
 2 The only other zapper game I played besides Duck Hunt.
 Little Nemo: The Dream Master
 - Never played but heard it was good.
 Maniac Mansion
 - Never played it but I heard it was good.
 Marble Madness - I want to get this because I think my kids would like it eventually.
 Mega Man
 Mega Man 2
 Mega Man 3
 Mega Man 4
 Mega Man 5
 Mega Man 6
 4Fun platforming game. I think it was on the hard side. I remember losing interest once I got to the later sequels.
 R.C. Pro Am
 4 Fun racing game once you get used to the 3rd person control.
 Spy Hunter
 4The Mashak brothers had this. Fun but somewhat repetitive. I never made it very far once I got to the boat area.
 Star Tropics
 - Heard it was good.
 Tetris 4 Simple game but lots of fun.
 Williow - Never played, heard it was good.
 Wizards & Warriors
 IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II
 Wizards & Warriors III
 4These games were somewhat repetitive but I remember the huge jump from the top of the tree was always fun.

Super Nintendo

In high school I worked at a plastics factory in my home town as my summer job . I made a whopping $4.25 per hour which doesn't seem like much now but back then that first paycheck was mind boggling large to me. After a few paychecks I decided to splurge and buy myself the latest and greatest from Nintendo, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System along with a stereo 21" Sharp TV.

My friend Erik and I hopped in my 79 Chevy Monza and headed up to the nearest Best Buy in Lacrosse about 50 minutes from Elroy to pick it all up one week night. I spent the next several weeks talking to anybody who would listen about how great the SNES was. Looking back I wonder how my friends put up with me. I am sure I was especially obnoxious during those first few weeks.

Personal Collection

 Title Rating Comments
 Chrono Trigger 
 5 Deeper characters than FFIII.
 Final Fantasy II
 4Played this after playing FFIII. Solid game but I liked the sequel better. I think III was actually released in America before II. Note completely sure though.
 Final Fantasy III
 5Probably my favorite square soft RPG. Still fondly remember sitting in my room at my parents house staying up all night playing this. The three separate story design in the early part of the game made the game play like reading a great book.
 Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
 -Never played, heard it was kinda crappy.
 Super R-Type 3Pretty good soundtrack and as one of the first SNES games the graphic showed how much more power the system had over the old NES. Never really got into it though.
 Super Mario World
 5Along with Zelda was the flagship game for the system.
 Super Metroid
 5In the same league as Zelda and Mario. I spent several nights in college determining how many beers I could have and still finish this game. Thinking back Kyle S. must have thought I was nuts.
 Zelda A Link to the Past
Perfect sequel to the first two on the NES. I still remember talking about this game non-stop to Ben and Erik back in high school.


 Title Rating Comments
 ActRaiser 2
 4 Really liked the original. It was one of the first games I played on the SNES.
 Batman Returns
 Breath of Fire
 Breath of Fire II
 Donkey Kong Country
 Donkey Kong Country 2
 Donkey Kong Country 3
 Earthworm Jim - 
 Final Fight
 4 Was kinda like what Double Dragon was for the NES for the SNES.
 F-Zero4 I was not into racing games but I played this game alot.
 Illusion of Gaia
 Lufia II
 Mega Man X
 Out of this World
 3 Was sort of a pain in the ass to play, but the opening story was cool.
 Secret of Mana 5 In my opinion as good as Zelda. Great story, music, and combat system.
 Star Fox
 5 Had awesome graphics for its day. I could only beat it using the short route.
 Super Bomberman
 Super Bomberman 2
 5 Really addictive games.
 Super Castlevania IV
 Super Ghouls 'n Ghost
 Super Mario Kart
 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
 Super Off Road
 4 I am really not a big fan of racing games but I really liked the custom upgrades between races this game had.
 Super Smash TV
 Super Star Wars
 Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
 Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
 4 Fun playability. Great soundtrack.
 TMNT IV: Turtles In Time
 Total Carnage
 5 Great action shooter with a good sense of humor
 Uniracers - 
 Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Nintendo 64

One day in my late college era I decided I really needed to play the latest Zelda incarnation. I never really got into this system like I had the previous Nintendo offerings. At this point in my life I was more into PC games.

Personal Collection

 Gauntlet Legends
 2Crappy game I bought just so I would have something to play.
 Super Mario 64
 5As always the flagship game for the early days of the platform. This game was great for the few levels I played but never got into it enough to finish it.
 Zelda Ocarina of Time
 4This game was the reason I bought the system. It looked like a great game but I never finished it.


 Title Rating Comments


Between the local taverns around Elroy, city and county fairs, and the game rooms at campgrounds my family frequented while I was growing up I had a broad selection of coin operate video games to try out. One of my future hobby projects is to build a replica arcade game box running MAME to re-live some of the classics in the following list.

 Title Rating
 Afterburner 4 I think most kids who played this game (including myself) had no strategy besides mashing buttons. But I remember being the one of the first people to figure out how to do a barrel role which made me the cool kid for the day.
 Alien Syndrome
 5 A favorite at the Yogi Bear campground we always went to.
 Arknoid 5 I think even when games evolve to direct sensory neural input there will still be "breakout" games. Arknoid was the brick breaker for the 80s arcades.
 Asteroids 3 They had this at Mr Ed's saloon. I still remember the sound being more impressive than the other games at the time.
 Centiped 5 They had this at Cozy's pizza. The closest pizza place to our house, a mere 40 minutes away.
 Choplifter 4 Another favorite at the Yogi Bear campground. The one they had there was pieced together from scrap games I think. The graphics on the outside didn't match the game. Plus it the coin slot read 50 cents to play instead of two. One of my cousins figured out that it would start with just 25 cents but didn't tell the rest of us till mid summer. That was a clever trick to get free games.
 City Connection
 5 Car based platformer. They had this at Mr. Eds. I still remember the night when I was playing this, having the most awesome-ist game ever, and the power went out.
 Crusin' USA
 4 A fun driving game with cool graphics when it came out. I still liked pole position better.
 Dig Dug
 5 Classic game they had at the Yogi Bear campground.
 Donkey Kong
 5One of the classics that was everywhere.
 Donkey Kong Jr
 5 They had this one at the Union Center Kwik Trip for the longest time. Never made it past the 4th level.
 Dr. Dos Castle
 4 I think one of the first Pacman-ish clones.
 Dragon's Lair
 3 I remember being blown away by the graphics this game had but it was a complete black-hole for fun. I think I averaged 10 seconds of play per quarter.
 Elevator Action
 5 Played the heck out of this game at Mr Ed's. I really liked the ritual of the opening sequence of each level. I think I eventually made it to four or five buildings in.
 Galga 5 Classic, in the spirit of space invaders. I spent lots of time trying to perfect getting the double ship. Half the time when I was successful I would lose the extra ship with in seconds of getting it.
 Gauntlet 5 "The wizard is about to die". A great game when you had a pack of friends along. Colin Langen was a serious fan of this game.
 Ghostbusters 4 I think I spent a majority of my time at Chucky Cheese playing this game once. Tons of fun but never saw it anywhere else.
 Golden Axe
 4 Like Rampage I think everybody would cash in a $5 and play through this to the end at some point.
 Heavy Barrel
 5 A great game they had over at Center Tap (local tavern). Really liked the weapon upgrade system.
 5 Played this game a lot. It was at a tavern in Elroy named The Dog House. An Cuban immigrant that used to hang out at the tavern a lot used to give me spare quarters to play this game.
 5 I loved this game. The whole bio machine gone wrong theme was really well done.
 Operation Wolf
 4 Two player shooter (with Uzi sub-machine guns!). I think I spent several summer weekend trips to the Dells playing this with the Mashak Brothers.
 Pacman/Ms Pacman
 5 The classics that were everywhere.
 Pole Position
 5 Another classic. The music in this racing game was limited but still very cool. In my opinion one of the first racing games where you actually felt like you were racing when you played it.
 Popeye 4 They had this at the roller skate ring over by Oakdale (40 minutes away). Lots of fun beating up Bruno once you found the spinach.
 Pengu 5 I liked this game more than Pacman. I would play it at the Piggly Wiggly while my mom was grocery shopping.
 Qbert 5 I liked this game so much my parents bought me a battery operated home version, which I played incessantly. I should really try to dig up that mini-console up sometime.
 Rampage 4 The Mashak brother's and I spent hours playing this. I think it was one of the first games you could keep feeding quarters two indefinitely.
 Seawolf 3 This game was basically fun to play but the main thing I remember was that some of the graphics around the edge of the screen would get "burned in" to the display. When you would play you could see ghost images of the demo mode graphics.
 Tempest 3 Played this alot at Mr. Ed's in Elroy. In all honesty at the time I really didn't get the story behind the game but it didn't matter.
 Time Pilot
 5 Played this a lot one summer at the Juneau county fair in Mauston. After slaving away at the 4-H stand (not really) all day serving fries I would hit the Midway and play this till my parents made me go home. I really liked the varied levels this game had.
 Tron 5 At one point I could beat all the different levels of this game. Years later I tried it at an arcade and got nowhere. Either the original one I played had the difficultly dialed down or I am losing (or lost) my edge as I got to be middle aged.
 UN Squadron
 5 Tones of fun to play. The Warthog was always the easiest to play. They had this at Kozy's Pizza.
 Xevious 4 They had this at The Dog House in Elroy. I thought it was a fun shooter mainly due to the normal shot plus bomb firing options.
 Zaxxon 5 Really cool graphics at the time. I really never made it very far though.
 Zookepper 4 Fun game they had at Yogi Bear's campground.

PC Games

About the time the NES showed up in America (give or take a few years) my parents bought an IBM PC clone. It ran at 4.7MHz and had a turbo mode to kick it up to 10MHz. It was the original over-clocker machine.  Activating the turbo mode voided the warranty. I still remember Dad and I trying to get the computer to do something, anything, the night we first got it. We declared victory after figuring out typing "DIR" at the A: prompt would list the disk contents on the screen. Within a few days I had the basic concepts of what DOS could do figured out and was playing a few games a family friend had loaned us (Paratrooper and the Red Baron). 

The turbo mode combined with the color EGA display made it great first computer. It had two 5.25" floppy drives but no hard drive. I took that machine apart and put it back together probably a dozen times. My dad was a pretty good sport about that considering how much it cost. I spent lots of time playing Sierra games on this first machine. I still have the King's Quest III and King's Quest IV maps I drew up. Back before the internet (and before I discovered the Sierra hint books) drawing maps and writing down notes was almost expected for a lot of those games.

The next machine I had was a Compaq Presario 486 Larry bought me (ran Privateer at max settings, whohoo!). After that I had a Sony Vaio (neat, but overpriced), and then an ABS gaming rig (long live the Vodoo graphics card). At that point I moved on to buying Dells (Pentium 4), which I still have and are usable thanks to some upgrades. All my new machines going forward will be home built.

Anyway, on all those systems a majority of my usage has been for games. Below is a list of the games I think are notable for various reasons (not all good).

 Alpha Centauri
 Own 5As good as the Civ series, but with a heavier sci-fi slant. I loved the orbital drop colony pods when I figured them out (at least on easier difficulty levels).
 Archimedian Dynasty
  4This game was the closest match I could find to Privateer. It was basically Privateer but instead of space you piloted a submarine vessel. I never got it working well but the parts I did play brought back the feeling of playing Privateer. If I ever get my vintage DOS bus up and running this will be the first game I play.
 Baldur's Gate
 Loaned/Lost 5 The classic fantasy RPG. Great story and characters.
 Baldur's Gate II
 4 Solid squeal to the original.
 Civ Wishlist - Never played the original. Would like to at some point.
 Civ II
 Own 5 Best PC game of all time (until Civ III showed up)
 Civ III
 Own 5 Best PC game of all time (until Civ IV showed up)
 Civ IV
 Own 5 Best PC game of all time
 Command and Conquer
  4Along with warcraft was the genre defining real time strategy game. Playing on the Nod (bad guy) side was a new concept at the time I think.
 Conquest of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood
  5 Great adventure game that had multiple endings. I still remember playing this will Ben R. and figuring out that we needed to use the jeweler's rouge to disguise Robin during one sequence.
 Everquest (et. al.)
  5The original MMORPG. Looking back Everquest had lots of flaws as compared to more recent games like World of Warcraft (yeah I said it, I want to have fun playing a game, its not a job). Some game design decisions were completely nuts. For example: mana regen by staring at a spellbook? slap the guy that thought that one up. Design flaws aside the biggest EQ failures were due to the greediness of Sony and I will probably never play another game they produce for a very long time. That being said no game will ever recapture the original "holy shit! look at that!" factor Everquest had.
  5The best action RPG ever. Gleefully fun.
 Diablo II
  4Good sequel but I did not get into it as much as the original.
 Doom  5One of my college roomates introduced me to this game (Mitch Bonjean). I started playing at around 2:00PM on a Saturday and stopped around 9:00AM the next day. Great game.
 Doom II
  5My favorite level in this sequel was the Gotcha! level.
 Dune  4Had a few flaws but was the original real time strategy game.
 Dungeon Keeper
  4 Great real time strategy game. Stood out from the crowd back then because it was so original.
 Fallout Own 5Arguably the best RPG ever of any genre. Definitely the best post apocalyptic RPG.
 Fallout 2
 Own 5Solid squeal to the original.
 Fallout 3
 Own 4 As a fan of the original I was surprised Bethesda made a good sequel considering there moronic skills system of their previous games.
 Freelancer  4A worthy successor in spirit to the original Privateer.
 Final Fantasy VII
  4The first time I tried to play this game it would freeze up on the PC I had at the time. I set it aside but a year or so later I tried it again when I got a new machine and it ran fine. Great game but I never quite finished it.
 Half Life
  5This game made first person shooters fun again after the Doom/Quake clones flooded the market.
 Jagged Alliance
  3 Neat game that was similar to but less featured than XCOM. I really could not stand this game with out abusing the save/reload feature.
 King's Quest  5Only played once at a friends house. By modern standards the games were frustratingly hard but I was obsessed with these games when they were popular.
 King's Quest II
  4Discovered the hint books were available for all the Sierra games about the time i was playing this. I bought them for every game and never felt bad about it.
 King's Quest III
  4The number of times my character was killed by that wizard at the start of the game probably numbered in the hundreds. I don't know why I kept playing. I still have the hand drawn maps for this game I drew up back in grade school.
 King's Quest IV
  5Another solid sequel. The Night/Day cycle was neat. I think this was the last King's Quest game my parents original PC could play. I also put together a map for this game also.
 King's Quest V/ VI
  3I don't remember liking these games as much as the previous ones, even though they had better graphics. It might have been because I could only play them at my friend Erik's house or my Aunt Cece's.
 Myst  1The only 1 game rating you will find on this page. I installed this game after I got it for Christmas one year out of the blue from a relative. After the initial "that looks cool" feeling wore off I knew this was a really bad game. I actually tried to play through it but the underground train tunnels solidified my original thoughts. People will say "but it sold all those copies" and all that demonstrates is the power of the mainstream picking up on a game before computer games were big. If you said you liked this game back when it game out to me that meant you basically were not a gamer.
 Paratropper  5 Classic DOS game. If three trooper make it to the ground your done.
 Planescape: Torment
 Own 3Lots of neat idea's but never finished this game. Didn't suck me in enough.
 Privateer  5Awesome open ended game play which was unique at its time. Loved the sound track. Its playable on Windows 7 via DOSBox. I played it recently and forgot how much harder older games were. Wow has made me soft.
 Privateer II
  1Full motion video in video games, glad it didn't last
 Quake  4My first job after college  was a startup company. There were full seasons where I averaged a 70 hour work week. But on some Fridays we would stop working at around 3:00, crack open a case of beer, and and play this game on the company network. After playing for about three hours we would head out to the bar for fried food and more beer. Pure bachelor gamming bliss.
  5 Another classic DOS game. The version I had was very keyboard driven. I spent a lot of time bombing myself on the starting runway before I figured out the controls.
 Sid Myers Alpha Centuri
  5As good as the original Civ games with a sci-fi twist. I still remember when I discovered parachute colony vehicles - complete city spam with no wait.
 Silpheed  4I think this was the first "polygon" rendering game I played on a PC. I think one of the main reasons I bought it was because it came from Sierra, which made the King's Quest games. Had great music in my opinion with my GameBlaster sound card. I can still hum the theme song.
  One of the best games I could play on my first 10Mhz computer.
 Simcity 3000
  5Great squeal to the original which i think still runs on windowsXP.
 Starcraft  5Best of class sci fi real time strategy game.
 Warcraft  5The game that made the real time strategy genre big. My computer could not run this so I would drive out to my sister Linda's house to play all the time. I think that may have been the reason Larry bought me a new computer.
 Warcraft II
  5Great sequel to the original. I have been thinking about firing this back up again.
 Warcraft III
  3Didn't really get into this game as much as the previous two Warcraft games.
 Wing Commander III
  4I g
 World of Warcraft (et. al.)
  5Put the fun back in gaming after the late Everquest expansion packs had turned the game into a grind/cash cow for Sony. Thinking back I don't know why I stuck with Everquest so long. Anyway the WoW expansion packs were pretty good but the original 1-60 areas still shine the brightest (the entire Deadmines quest is unmatched in my book). The PvP e-sport focus they put on the game is why I stopped playing.
 XCOM UFO Defense
 Own  5I would almost put this at the same level of Civ. It was that good. I really abused the psionic weapons in the later stages of the game (like everybody else who played the game probably).
 XCOM Terror from  the Deep
 Own 4Solid sequel but was just new graphics on original game with a few minor feature improvements
  4Solid sequel, which I think you can down load for free now. The turn based versus real time combat systems was a really neat design but some times unbalanced (I still remember the real time base defend battles, pure god mode gaming glee).