Hand Drawn King's Quest Maps

Back during the 4.77MHz era of PC gaming I played lots of Sierra games. Two of my favorites were the first King's Quest games that I played all the way to the end, namely King's Quest III and King's Quest IV. By today's standards these games were rather hard and unforgiving. Add to that no internet available to instantly look up game guides and I spent lots of time trying trial and error attempts to move ahead in the game. For adventure and role playing games like the King's Quest series I would usually draw a map. I actually kept a few of these old game maps in my big box of grade school stuff which I have kept through all these years.

The full maps were two 8" x 11" sheets of paper taped together with scotch tape. I put these maps together back in 1987 when I was in grade school. After 23 years the tape is starting to turn yellow and fall off.

King's Quest III - To Heir is Human

I even tried to copy the lettering on the game box for the cover of the map.

The first part of the game before you head across the ocean.

The second part of the game after you take the ship across the sea.

I had the inside of buildings drawn out on the back side of the map.

King's Quest IV - The Perils of Rosella

Again on this map I traced out the game box lettering for the cover of the map.

The first section of the game where I think the main character starts (its been 20 years since I played the game). The tap I used to stick on the labels has not aged well. It turned yellow and was starting to lose its stickiness.

The second part of the game. I remember the character gets swallowed then sneezed back out of a whale at one point.

On the back side of the map I drew in the inside rooms of buildings.