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I put this website together as a place to gather research on the various hobby and home improvement projects I work on and to collect random articles I write. I do not purport to be an complete expert on any of these topics. Before following any advice here do your own correlating research and understand that I am not responsible if you try one of my suggestions and the results are bad.

This is a personal website that is not affiliated in any way with my employer or past employers. The views and opinions expressed on this website are mine alone and are not reflective of the views or opinions of my employer or past employers.

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Concerns or questions about this site can directed to admin at thehopelesshobbyist.com.

About Me

I am currently located in the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area. Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, I attended UW-Madison for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. By trade I am an electrical engineer and most of my professional experience is in embedded controls and system design for power conversion equipment.

Besides random hobby projects, home improvement stuff, gardening, and beer brewing/wine making I am a big fan of old retro gaming systems and Legos.

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